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30% Increase in Foreign Company Registrations in Kurdistan

About 400 foreign companies have opened branches and representation offices in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region to expand their business in the fast-growing investment market here, Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Minister of Trade and Industry said.

AKnews reports that about 430 foreign companies registered in 2011 to do business in Kurdistan – an increase of about 30% on the previous year.

Sinan Chalabi [Sinan Çelebi] (pictured), KRG Trade and Industry Ministry, told AKnews:

The KRG provides all facilities for the foreign companies to encourage more and more of them to come to Kuridstan. Currently, there are 1918 foreign companies working in Kurdistan in all sectors.

Of this number, more than 60% are from Turkey, with Iran and Lebanon coming second and third respectively.

“Due to the facilities provided by the Kurdistan Region’s Investment Law, more companies have already applied for registration or the opening branches and offices here. Their applications are being carefully examined.”

Kurdistan Region is the hot spot for investment in Iraq since 2003 and is regarded as one of the Middle East’s best growth prospects in 2012. According to statistics released by the Investment Board, the region has attracted some $16.2 billion (19 trillion IQD) in foreign investment over the past five years.

(Source: AKnews)

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Iraq: The Coming Oil Boom

Articles from the October/November issue of fDi Magazine, available free of charge to registered users:

Iraq begins building towards long-term prosperity

Security issues, corruption problems, processes bound up in bundles of red tape… The problems facing companies wanting to do business in Iraq are myriad, but the country’s promise – as one of the world’s leading oil and gas producers – makes such short-term hurdles a price worth paying.

Turning Iraq’s ‘oil curse’ into a blessing

Iraq’s abundance of oil has been blamed for much of its instability over the past few decades. However, its new government is vowing to use the country’s oil reserves to bring greater unity to the Middle East.

Abdul Karim al-Luaibi: showing the world Iraq’s potential

Iraq has made solid progress in developing its oil capabilities and has ambitious plans to increase production further, according to its minister of oil, Abdul Karim al-Luaibi.

Building a future: Iraq’s race for oil refineries

Iraq’s dated oil infrastructure desperately needs updating and expanding so it can meet increasing demands. The government has ambitious plans, but can it engage the international oil companies to invest in them?

Iraq braces itself for US security withdrawal

Insurgent attacks have been falling in Iraq over the past few years, but as US and allied troops prepare to exit the country later this year, security issues are again coming to the fore.

Please click here to read these stories in full.

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Foreign Investors Flock to Iraq

By David Rosenberg, for The Media Line. Reproduced with permission by Iraq Business News.

It was just another day in Iraq on July 15.

In the city of Kerbaba; two car bombs killed a total of seven people and wounded 19. An American solider was killed in Baghdad while in another part of the capital an Iraqi policeman was injured by a sticky bomb placed under a vehicle. More bombs wounded soldiers in Samarra and in Mosul.

But July 15 also saw the grand re-opening Baghdad’s renowned Al-Rasheed Hotel after a $65 million renovation. Britain’s Harlow International undertook the construction work while Holland’s Kempinski Hotel group will manage it.

“The rebuilding of infrastructure, including palaces and airports, is evidence of the ability of Iraqis to achieve what they want,” Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Even as Iraq suffers an upsurge of violence – June alone saw 155 civilians killed in attacks, the most since January – foreign investors are flocking to the country. Dunia Frontier Consultants, a Washington DC-based consulting firm, estimates that foreigners were responsible for $45.6 billion in investments, service contracts and other business in Iraq in the first half of the year. That was double the amount the same time in 2010.

Where others see carnage, chaos and corruption, investors see a potentially oil-rich economy whose population of some 30 million is desperate for housing, roads, consumer products and services.

“What you have is a country that produces oil, which makes it very attractive for the hydrocarbon industry to invest there. It’s a country with a very large population,” Daniel Broby, chief investment officer at London’s Silk Invest, told The Media Line. “The middle class suffered a lot of problems but they are educated and there is a lot of home ownership, so banking and telecommunications industries are very attractive for foreign investment.”

Driven by high energy prices, Iraq’s economy will grow 12.5% this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. Iraq’s Oil Ministry said in June alone petroleum brought in $7.17 billion as exports averaged 2.273 million barrels a day at an average price of more than $105 a barrel.

With the government’s coffers swelling, Planning Minister Ali Al-Shukri told Reuters on Monday Iraq is looking to raise its 2012 investment budget by 50% to as much as 60 trillion Iraqi dinars ($51 billion).

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Investment in Iraq Set to Double This Year

Iraq attracted $45 billion in new investment so far this year, more than the total for the whole of last year, according to a report by Dunia Frontier Consultants reported by USA Today.

The spike in investment is down to improved confidence in Iraq’s stability, analysts say. Last year Iraq secured $42bn in investment.

Much of the investment is from companies within the Middle-East, but substantial investment from other parts of the world has been flowing in too. French companies account for 9.9 per cent of all investment in Iraq. The U.S. – despite leading the 2003 invasion – only accounts for 4.7 per cent.

U.S. business interest is growing though. Iraq’s commercial attaché office in Washington received 2,251 applications to do business in Iraq in the first half of this year, compared with 1,369 in the same period last year.

South Korea was the largest foreign investor this year, representing 24% of the foreign money flowing into Iraq, according to the report. China also plays a significant role, with a Chinese oil company this month opening the first major oil field in Iraq in 20 years.

Decades of war and sanctions have left Iraq’s economy and infrastructure in tatters. But, it is increasingly seen as an untapped market for foreign investors keen to get in on the action early and secure heavy profits despite the obvious risks.

The need for development in Iraq is great. It’s electrical grid in desperate need of modernization, there are major housing shortages and infrastructure such as transport needs major improvement. Foreign investment is seen as key by some in the alleviation of these problems, while others warn of companies coming into Iraq, making massive profits and doing little to improve the lot of ordinary Iraqis.

(Source: AKnews)


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Number of Foreign Companies in Kurdistan Up 55%

According to a report from AKNews, 1,602 foreign companies have branches in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The latest figures from the Kurdistan Company Registration Directorate show that 18 months ago there were 1027 foreign companies operating in the region, meaning there has been an increase of 55 per cent.

There are also 10,100 local companies working side by side or jointly with the foreign companies.

Dlzar Ismael, the director for the office, said the number is increasing day by day and more companies are in line to be licensed.

(Source: AKnews)

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23% of Investment in Kurdistan is from Foreign Countries

Foreign companies and governments account for about 23 percent of the investment in the Kurdish Region, according to a report from AKnews.

The Kurdistan Investment Board said that $3.9 billion [4.6 trillion Iraqi dinars] of investments came from up to 20 countries in the past 5 years.

With $17.4 billion [20.3 trillion Iraqi dinars] was spent in Kurdistan in total, foreign investment accounts for 22.4 percent.

The biggest foreign investments were in housing which accounts for $7.e billion [8.47 trillion Iraqi dinars].

The biggest foreign investor is Kuwait with $1.55 billion [1.8 trillion Iraqi dinars], followed by Turkey with $702 million [818.11 billion Iraqi dinars], and Egypt with $350 million [407.89 billion Iraqi dinars].

(Source: AKnews)

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Another Way Iraq Business News Can Help You

Despite the well-known challenges facing the country, Iraq’s business is on a steep upward trend. Foreign investment, for example, increased by almost 50% last year, and there are no indications that money will not continue to flow into the country.

In the past week alone, we’ve reported on a Korean company signing a deal for 25 power plants, one of the biggest oil services companies forecasting increased activity in the country, and a prediction that Iraqi Kurdistan will expand faster than Dubai.

It’s important that your business is not left behind.

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FDI Report – Iraq Nearly Triples FDI Projects

Iraq Business News‘ media partners at fDi Intelligence, by the Financial Times, have issued their new “Global Outlook Report 2011″.

The report finds that foreign direct investment projects into Iraq  increased by 175% in 2010, albeit from a very low base.

Iraq attracted 7% of FDI into the Middle East region in 2010, up from 2% in 2009, bringing it from 10th leading destination country in the Middle East in 2009 to fourth position last year.

Baghdad was the seventh leading city in the Middle East, with its FDI increasing 300%.

You can download the entire report by clicking here (registration required).

… and you can also click here to check out our new reports service.

(Source: fDiIntelligence)

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