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Influx of Iranian Sex Workers into KRI

By John Lee.

Three taxi drivers have reportedly been arrested on charges of transporting a group of Iranian prostitutes into Iraqi Kurdistan.

Security forces told BasNews that they arrested the drivers at the Haji Omaran border crossing (pictured), between the Kurdistan Region and Iran.

The women are said to be Iranian and Kurdish Iranian.

(Source: BasNews )

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Iran’s Kurdistan Region Exports $416m Commodities to Iraq

By John Lee.

The Customs Director of Iran’s Kurdistan Province has said that $416-million worth of commodities have been exported to Iraq from this western province since the start of current Iranian year, March 20, 2012.

Talking to the Iranian news agency IRNA, Mohammad Shahbazi said this represented an increase of 21 percent compared to the corresponding period last year.

Volume shipments were up by 43 percent to 628,063 tons.

Among the items sold were tractors, fruits, plastic products and lubricants.

(Source: IRNA)

(Picture: the Haj Omran (Haj Umran) (Haji Omaran) border crossing between Kurdistan and Iran)

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Haji Omaran Border Crossing Closes for New Year

An official from the Haji Omaran [Haj Omran, Haj Umran] Customs Office, 147 km northeast of Kurdish capital Erbil, said trade through the Haji Omaran border crossing will be suspended three days from March 21.

The gate will, however, be open for the passage of the visitors from both Iran and the Kurdistan Region, Salam Arab, the chief of the customs office told AKnews. The suspension is due to new year celebrations.

Kurds and Iranians mark March 21 the beginning of spring and a new year. The occasion is called Newroz in Kurdish and Noruz in Persian.

(Source: AKnews)

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Reopening of Sazan Border Crossing Abandoned

Halabja’s deputy mayor said Iran has rejected reopening the Sazan border crossing, located near Halabja in Sulaimaniya province.

In a statement to AKnews on Sunday, the deputy mayor, Goran Adham, quoted the Iranian consul to Sulaimaniya as saying that an Iranian committee visited the crossing and voiced their reluctance to open the gate again.

All efforts at re-opening the crossing have failed because the committee has informed its unwillingness to the Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad, the consul had told Adham.

The Kurdish officials repeatedly demanded Iran to recommence trade through Sazan in the interest of both Kurdish and Iranian sides.

Bashmakh, Haji Omaran, and Qasre Shirin are the three official crossings on Iranian-Kurdistan Region border which operate daily.

(Source: AKnews)

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Kurdistan Imports 400 Generators from Iran

AKnews reports that 400 electrical generators have been imported from Iran.

Salam Arab, the director of the customs department at Haji Omaran (pictured) , told AKnews that since the beginning of 2010 some 400 full-size electricity generators have been imported into the Region.

He added most electronic equipments are imported from Iran, not Turkey, because the tariffs are lower at the border with Iran.

Diar Baban, the Region’s power generating director, said it is the private sector which has mainly imported the generators. “We have imported generators from Turkey and Italy, not only Iran, all through tenders.”

The official reiterated that his ministry has not signed contracts with any specific country for importing generators, adding “even the generators imported by the private sector should satisfy the standards [required] by the ministry.”

Kurdistan’s power generating capacity is estimated at 750 megawatt. The government cannot provide round the clock electricity for the citizens, who depend on their own generators, or generator in their local neighborhoods.

(Source: AKnews)

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