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Halfaya Oil Targets Reduced

By John Lee. The Missan Oil Company has announced an agreement with the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to reduce the final production target for the Halfaya oilfield from 535.000 barrels per day (bpd) to 400.000 bpd. As a result, production will be extended from 20 years to 30 years. CNPC has a 37.5 percent […]

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Chinese Firm Suspected of Fraud

By John Lee. China’s Caixin has reported that the Missan Oil Company (MOC) has suspended all activities of a company called Hermic, an oilfield service company controlled by former executives of the China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC). Hermic is said to have won at least 12 engineering outsourcing contracts worth US$75 million from CNPC at the […]

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Ribbon Cut on new Bazurgan-Halfaya-Fao Pipeline

By John Lee. The Director General of Missan Oil Company has cut the ribbon on the 272-km crude oil pipeline from Buzurgan to Halfaya and onward to the tanks reservoir at al-Fao [al-Faw]. It starts from meeting point of the two lines from Buzurgan and Halfaya. The 42-inch-diameter pipeline was built in cooperation with the […]

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China’s CPECC Wins $548m Halfaya Contract

By John Lee. Reuters reports that the China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC), the engineering and construction subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), has won a $548-million service contract to develop the Halfaya oilfield. The company will handle engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning work at the oilfield, which is forecast to produce […]

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New Rigs Arrive at Halfaya

By John Lee. The Missan Oil Company (MOC) has announced that new oil rigs are being installed at the Halfaya oil field to increase the number of new wells in the second stage of developing the field. The Director General of the company said that two new rigs belonging to PetroChina have already arrived and […]

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More Progess at Halfaya

By John Lee. The Missan Oil Company has finished drilling one of the new wells at the al Halfaya field. Director General of the company, Ali Imurig Soadj, said that the BOHI company, contracted by Petrochina, completed the HF-107-K107 well at the al Mushrif reservoir. Thirty-five wells have been drilled at Halfaya, including 8 old […]

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China May Build New $650m Iraq Oil Pipeline

By John Lee. The China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP) company is said to be close to winning a $650-million contract to build a pipeline linking the southern oilfields in Maysan province to the al-Fao [al Faw] storage depots. The chief of state-run Maysan Oil Company, Ali Maarij, told Reuters, that the line will expand the export […]

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CNPC’s First Crude Cargo leaves Basra for China

On December 14, the first cargo with 2 million barrels of crude oil from Iraq’s Halfaya Oilfield left Basra for China, indicating that China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)‘s Halfaya Project has entered investment payback period ahead of schedule. Halfaya Project is the first to become operational and begin investment recovery amongst the seven international projects that […]

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Total Says Unclear if Iraq Wants it to Exit Halfaya

By John Lee. The chief executive of French energy giant Total, Christophe de Margerie (pictured), has said that it is not clear if Iraq wants the company to withdraw from the Halfaya oilfield due to its dealings in Iraqi Kurdistan. Total recently acquired a 20 percent interest in the Taza oil exploration block there from […]

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Maysan Province Seeks to Control Local Oil Fields

By John Lee. A member of the Energy Committee in Maysan Provincial Council has called on the Ministry of Oil to grant the province the right to take part in running the oil sector in the province, according to a report from AIN. Ammar Nasrallah told the news agency: “We call to apply the constitutional […]

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