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NESPAK Reopens Office in Iraq

By John Lee. National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) has set up an office in Iraq, reports The News. Managing Director Amjad A Khan said that the company has set up its office in Baghdad to deal with the East Gharraf [Gharaf] project awarded by the Ministry of Water Resources. The project marks the restart of […]

New Report on Drought in Iraq

The United Nations’ Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has announced the launch of the Analysis Report “Integrated Drought Risk Management – National Framework for Iraq” produced by UNESCO’s Iraq Office under the Drought Risk Management (DRM) Project. During the previous months, UNESCO and UNAMI‘s Joint Analysis Unit assessed the information gathered and analyzed investigating […]

Iraqi Entrepreneurs: Making Anwar’s Workshop Global

By Yasmine Khaled Aly, UNIDO. Before learning about UNIDO’s Investment Promotion in Iraq (IPI) Project, Anwar Hussein – a young, ambitious and hardworking Iraqi – had a small business but few business opportunities. With IPI’s help, Anwar’s business, and life, have changed. Like many young entrepreneurs in Thi-Qar, Anwar wanted to start a business where […]

Wheat Harvest Exceeds 3m Tons

By John Lee. Azzaman reports that wheat production in 2012 rose to 3.26 million tons, despite a lack of rain.The harvest had fallen to an average 1.5 million tons in the years follow the US-led invasion in 2003, with the country becoming a net importer of wheat and other cereals. Deputy Agriculture Minister Mahdi al-Qaisi […]

Iraq On Track for Big Wheat Crop

By John Schnittker, Chief Economist at Schnittker Associates, and former Ministry Advisor at the US Embassy in Baghdad. Iraq’s 2013 winter grain prospects appear to be good to excellent condition at this time. Late fall and early winter rains as well as irrigation supplies have been adequate to support increased plantings and good early growth […]

Iraq invites NESPAK for Irrigation Project

Iraq’s Ministry of Water Resources has reportedly invited National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) to participate in an irrigation project. The Express Tribune reports that the project, called “East Gharaf”, will provide sustainable irrigation and drainage facilities for about 390,000 acres of land in the general areas of Nassiriya and Kut. State-owned NESPAK had worked on […]

Anbar Announces Desert Cultivation Project

The Anbar provincial council has announced a new project to cultivate desert of the western region. Hasssan al-Mulla, chairman of the council’s investment committee, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency: “The provincial council signed a memorandum of understanding with a UAE company, which includes a group of foreign companies, including a British one, to cultivate the […]

Iran Cuts Flow of al-Wind River

By John Lee. Iran has again has blocked the flow of water from the al-Wind [Wand, Alwand, Hulwan] river, in a move which has angered Iraqi farmers and citizens, according to PUKmedia. Protesters are demanding that Iran release water into the river, saying their fertile land turning barren because of the repeated cuts and shortages […]

Furrow Irrigation: Strategy to Save Water in Iraq

By Layth Mahdi, Agricultural Advisor. Any  opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraq is divided into two Main Climate Zones. A dry rain-fed zone (300 – 350 mm/year) in the north and a dry to semi-dry (100 – 200 mm/year) in the central-south […]