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Angelina Jolie: The World Must Do More

The UN refugee agency’s Special Envoy Angelina Jolie is in Dohuk, Iraq, visiting Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqi citizens in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to offer support to 3.3 million displaced people in the country and highlight their dire needs.

Since Ms Jolie’s last visit to Iraq in September 2012, the scale and gravity of the humanitarian situation have increased dramatically, as the conflicts in Syria and Iraq intensify and become intertwined.

“It is shocking to see how the humanitarian situation in Iraq has deteriorated since my last visit. On top of large numbers of Syrian refugees, two million Iraqis were displaced by violence in 2014 alone. Many of these innocent people have been uprooted multiple times as they seek safety amidst shifting frontlines.”

TIME isseued the following video of her statement:

(Sources: UNHCR, TIME)

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Jordan to Help KRG in Healthcare

By John Lee.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is reported to be about to sign a three-year contract with Jordan to improve its healthcare system.

KRG Health Minister, Rekawt Hama-Rashid, told BasNews:

We have some projects in the next years such as separating the private sector healthcare from the public sector, and introducing health insurance. We will bring some Jordanian experts to help us in change our healthcare system.

“Jordan has many similarities with the Kurdistan Region in terms of population and budget and has a successful health service. We want to learn from their experience.”

There has already been cooperation between the KRG and Jordan in the sector.

(Source: BasNews)

(Healthcare image via Shutterstock)

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Genel Energy Down 3% on Trading Update

Shares in Genel Energy were down 3 percent on Wednesday morning following the company’s trading and operations update in advance of the its full-year 2014 results, which are scheduled for release on 5 March 2015. The information contained herein has not been audited and may be subject to further review:


  • A combination of low development and operating costs and Production Sharing Contract structure creates a robust Kurdistan Region of Iraq (“KRI”) oil business very resilient to sustained low oil prices
  • 2014 production of 69,000 boepd, an increase of 58% year-on-year with significant further growth expected in 2015
  • Capital expenditure guidance for 2015 lowered by 30% to $200-250 million, a reduction of 70% on 2014
  • Revenue guidance for 2015 revised from $500-600 million at a Brent price of $80/bbl to $350-400 million at a Brent price of $50/bbl
  • Cash balances at 31 December 2014 stood at c.$490 million, balance sheet strength underpins future growth in the KRI
  • Agreement on crude oil exports through northern Iraq reached in December 2014 between the Kurdistan Regional Government (“KRG”) and Federal Government of Iraq (“FGI”), operational implementation commenced in early January 2015
  • First payment for oil exports via the pipeline received in December, further payments expected shortly


  • Net working interest production for 2014 averaged 69,000 boepd, an increase of 58% on 2013 and at the top end of the 60-70,000 boepd guidance range
  • Gross production from Taq Taq averaged 103,000 bopd in 2014, an increase of 34% on 2013. Following the successful installation and commissioning of well site temporary production facilities in December 2014, Taq Taq set a new daily production record of 135,000 bopd and a new record for gross daily liftings of 147,000 bopd
  • Gross production from Tawke averaged 91,000 bopd in 2014, an increase of 131% on 2013
  • In 2014, 36% of Genel’s production was exported by the KRG through the KRI-Turkey pipeline system, with 12% exported by the KRG via Turkey by truck and the remainder sold into the domestic market
  • The Company’s 2015 production guidance is maintained at 90-100,000 boepd

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PM Barzani meets Pope’s Envoy

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, yesterday received in Erbil Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, Apostolic Nuncio in Iraq and his accompanying delegation.

Archbishop Giorgio Lingua said that the Vatican follows the situation in the Kurdistan Region very closely. He conveyed Vatican’s gratitude to the Kurdistan Region for sheltering and assisting the internally displaced persons and refugees, particularly the Christians, who fled the violent repression of the Islamic State terrorist organization, known as ISIS.

Prime Minister Barzani stressed the commitment of the people and government of Kurdistan to peaceful coexistence and their culture of tolerance. He pointed out that all the displaced people and refugees receive equal assistance, without any distinction.

He said, “We hope that the displaced people and refugees would be able to return to their homes soon. We asked them to be patient until the end of this temporary difficult phase.”

The envoy of His Holiness, Pope Francis, expressed the Vatican’s gratitude and appreciation to the KRG Prime Minister for the speech he delivered on the Christmas Eve, which helped strengthening the spirit of peaceful coexistence.

Prime Minister Barzani conveyed the gratitude of the people and government of Kurdistan Region to His Holiness, the Pope, for Vatican’s support to the Kurdistan Region.

(Source: KRG)

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Germany’s New Consul General visits DFR

The new German consul general to Erbil, Dieter Lamle, visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relations on Monday to introduce himself and to discuss latest developments with Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG Foreign Relations.

In welcoming Mr Lamle, Minister Mustafa stated that the Kurdistan Region strongly values its ties with Germany and praised Germany for supporting KRG’s efforts in providing humanitarian assistance for nearly 2 million refugees and displaced people.

Minister Mustafa also expressed appreciation for Germany’s political and military support for Kurdistan in the fight against Daesh.

Commending the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, Mr. Lamle said, “Peshmerga forces are fighting on behalf of all of us. They are fighting a noble war, defending universal values and human rights against a barbaric terrorist organization.”

Both sides also discussed bilateral relations between Kurdistan Region and Germany and reiterated their willingness to further strengthen ties, particularly in the fields of trade, education, and industry.

Mr. Mustafa assured the new German Consul General that the DFR will fully support him in his mission in Kurdistan.

(Source: KRG)

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Latvian Ambassador Visits Kurdistan

The Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, Mr. Atis Sjanits, visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relations on Monday to discuss political, security, and humanitarian developments in Kurdistan and the wider Region.

In his first visit to the Kurdistan Region, Ambassador Sjanits commended the KRG for the security and stability of the region as well as its economic developments.

Minister Falah Msutafa, Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, welcomed Ambassador Sjanits and congratulated him on his appointment as the ambassador of Latvia to Iraq. He briefed the Ambassador on the advances of Peshmerga forces against Daesh, the condition and needs of refugees and displaced people, as well as the political process in Iraq.

Ambassador Sjanits, stated, “As Latvia is heading the Presidency of the Council of European Union during the first half of 2015, it is of paramount importance for us to be aware of the latest security, political, and humanitarian developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.”

Praising the role of Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, Ambassador Sjanits stressed, “We very much value the role of Peshmerga forces in the fight against Daesh. They have shown us in many battles that they are capable of defeating this terrorist organization.”

Both sides agreed that a genuine regional and international cooperation is needed to defeat Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

During he meeting, both sides also discussed potential areas of cooperation between Kurdistan and Latvia. Ambassador Sjanits said that “There are a number of Latvian companies and businessmen working in the Kurdistan Region in cooperation with the Erbil Chamber of Commerce. We plan to increase our level of economic activities in this Region and to enhance bilateral ties.”

Likewise, Minister Mustafa expressed the desire of the KRG to increase bilateral ties with Latvia and voiced the readiness of DFR to facilitate such cooperation.

(Source: KRG)

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Record Oil Production set to Increase

By John Lee.

Iraq produced a record of around 4 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil in December, Oil Minister Adel Abdel Mehdi (pictured) told a press conference on Sunday.

This beat the previous record for Iraqi production of 3.56 million bpd in 1979, according to an official from the State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO).

The Minister went on to reveal plans to export 375,000 bpd for the first three months of 2015 from Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region, increasing to 600,000 bpd from April.

(Source: Reuters)

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Video: Daily Life in Erbil

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

In Iraq, some of the heaviest fighting between ISIL fighters and Kurdish Peshmerga forces is taking place outside Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region.

But people in the city itself enjoy a high degree of comfort and security, thanks to its own Peshmerga army.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports from Erbil:

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