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HEESCO Wins Engineering Contracts

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has announced that its subsidiary HEESCO (Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company) has signed contracts with two other Oil Ministry companies: With GFC (Gas Filling Company), to supply and install 2 spherical LPG tanks of 3,000 cubic meters capacity, at an estimated cost of 11.4 billion Iraqi dinars ($9.7 million), in the […]

Midland Refineries Company Announces New Tenders

Midland Refineries Company announces the below tenders: -Supplementary instrument & Meters – Electrical Plant Spares -Electrical Materials -General Electrical Material -Caterpillar Equipment Engine -Electrical Plant Spares -Electrical Materials -Supplementary Instrument -Toluene -Barrels Testing Machine -Lab Equipment -Equipments -Screw Pump Please click on the above links to obtain a copy of the document’s conditions list.  

More Tenders From MRC

Midland Refineries Company announces new tenders: – Spare Parts for pump (Mechanical seals). -Spares For Peabody Steam Atomizing Oil Burners. -Burner Soot Blower Condenser & Ejector. -Burner Soot Blower Condenser & Ejector. -Spare Parts for Pumps. -Spare Parts for Pumps. Please click on the above links to obtain further information about the tenders.

MRC Announces New Tenders.

Midland Refineries Company announces the below tenders: -Electrical Motor. -Wheeled Excavator. –Lap equipment. –Air plant unit. -5 Ton Lorry Trake. –Wheeled material. –Lab Equipment. -Lab Equipment. –15 Ton Fork List.   Closing Date for all the above tenders is 12/7/2011 at 13:00 pm.   Please click on every tender’s link to have further information.  

Midland Refineries Co Announces New Spare Part Tenders

Midland Refineries Co announces the following tenders: – Spare Part For Pump –Spares for Centrifugal Compressor – Spare Part – Spare Part – Spare Part for Centrifugal Air Fan Item K-11 New Boiler – Spare Part for Hitachi Pump Type : GM-CH S/NI-766610171-354 – Spare Part For Pump , Type :3 HNN-122 & 153 Please […]