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Petrel: “Interest is Reviving in Iraq”

By John Lee. In its preliminary results for 2018, Petrel Resources gave the following update on its activities in Iraq: We had high hopes of commercial success in Iraq. It has the best oil geology on the planet with drilling success over 90% and a $2 to 4 a barrel production cost. But the political […]

Petrel Resources “Renewing Connections” in Iraq

By John Lee. Petrel Resources has announced the appointment of Riadh Hameed as Non-Executive Director with immediate effect. Riadh Mahmoud Hameed (aged 38) is a quality control engineer working for an aerospace component company based in the USA.   Prior experience has included over a decade of working in the oil and gas sector, to include […]

Petrel Resources “Re-Establishing its Baghdad Operations”

Irish-based Petrel Resources has said it is “re-establishing its Baghdad operations”. In its interim statement for the six months ended 30 June 2018, the company said: “As we approach the end of 2018, Iraq is fitfully emerging from conflict, and again open for responsible business.  Baghdad has re-established its authority, by defeating Da’ech insurgents and […]

Petrel Resources takes €4.1m Impairment on Iraq

By John Lee. Irish-based Petrel Resources has taken a €4.1 million impairment of its investment in Iraq: “In August 2013, Petrel did a deal with Amira in Iraq whereby, for US$500,000 in cash plus 18,947,368 initial consideration shares (which were to be locked-in until spudding of the first oil well by our partners), Petrel acquired […]

Petrel Resources Shares Slump following Iraq Settlement

By John Lee. Shares in Irish-based Petrel Resources were trading 20 percent down on Friday after the company said it had reached a settlement in respect of the disposal of 2.2 million Petrel shares by Amira Petroleum‘s advisers notwithstanding a lock-in agreement entered into on 19 August 2013. According to the company:  On 14 August […]

Petrel Resources “Incurs no Costs” in Iraq

By John Lee. In its Interim Statement for period ended 30 June 2015, Irish-based Petrel Resources issued the following update on its operations in Iraq: “Our third theatre of activities is Iraq, where we have had a presence for 18 years. The original Petrel interest was in Block 6 in the Western Desert between Baghdad […]

Petrel says “Virtually no Activity” in Iraq

By John Lee. In a statement to the company’s Annual General Meeting in Dublin on Wednesday, the Chairman of Petrel Resources, John Teeling, said that there is “virtually no activity” at the company’s interests in Iraq. “The Block 6 acreage in Anbar province is a no-go area. There remains a belief that the authorities in […]

Teeling Updates on Petrel Resources

By John Lee. As part of his statement to the AGM of Petrel Resources, Executive Chairman John Teeling made the following comment on the company’s operations in Iraq: “Petrel has a 5% full free carry on the interests held by Oryx in the Wasit province of Iraq. “This is held via a 20% shareholding in […]

Petrel Resources Falls 7% on Interim Statement

Shares in Petrel Resources fell 7 percent on Tuesday following the publication of the company’s Interim Statement for the period ended 30 June 2013. Highlights: · Iraqi investment enhanced through 20 per cent shareholding acquisition in Amira Hydrocarbons Wasit B.V. This deal gives Petrel an immediate effective 5 per cent carried interest through to production […]

Petrel Jumps on Iraq Acquisition

By John Lee. Shares in Irish-based explorer Petrel Resources were up as much as 20 percent in early trading on Wednesday following the announcement that the company has agreed to acquire a 20 percent shareholding in Amira Hydrocarbons Wasit B.V. (“Amira”), which is the holder of a 25 per cent carried interest in certain oil […]

Petrel Resources Rockets on Iraq Announcement

By John Lee. Shares in Irish-based exploret Petrel Resources jumped more than 37 percent on Friday, following the announcement of a possible deal in Iraq. The Board said that negotiations on “a potential Iraqi investment are at an advanced stage whereby a private company with extensive hydrocarbon interests in Iraq would inject an asset into […]

Guy Delbès Resigns from Petrel Resources

By John Lee. The board of Petrel Resources has reluctantly accepted the resignation with immediate effect of Guy Delbès (pictured), who was instrumental in bringing the company to Iraq. A statement from the company continued: “Following his 84th birthday Guy is seeking to reduce his business interests. “A former French diplomat, Guy Delbès has served […]