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3 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq

By John Lee. The National Investment Commission (NIC) has announced three new investment opportunities in Iraq: Glass Bottles and Jars Factory Dextrin and Starch Production Textile and Leather Production (Source: National Investment Commission) (Picture: Business opportunity word cloud, from ibreakstock/Shutterstock)

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URGENT: Min. of Industry Announces Investment Opportunities

By John Lee. The Iraqi Ministry of Industry has issued a list of thirty factories that are currently open for private investment. The factories cover such sectors as food processing, paper and cardboard, tires, fertilizers, aluminum, cement, natural gas, pharmaceuticals and textiles. The deadline for participating in the tenders is 15th November! Please click here […]

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Cutting Edge Iraqi Fashion Designer

By Lemya Ayub. This is an extract from an article originally published by Nina Iraq, and is reproduced here with permission. Melad Hamed – The Cutting Edge Fashion Designer with a Heart of Gold Melad Hamed, is well-known in Iraq and across the Arab world as the cutting edge fashion designer with a heart of […]

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The Foundations of Thi Qar

By Robert Tollast, Iraq analyst with The Brecon Group. Standing on the Ziggurat, an impressive religious temple from the Sumerian period which was largely restored in the 1980s, you can still see solidified tar seeping out from the several thousand year old brickwork. In fact “qar” in the province’s name refers to tar that was […]

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Hana Sadeq: An Iraqi Success Story

By Sana Bekki. This is an extract from an article originally published by Nina Iraq, and is reproduced here with permission. I met with Hana Sadeq, the Ambassador of Arab fashion in Amman. Hana’s kaftans and abayas represent business success. However, by opening a window to the all-too-often hidden charm of Arab women, she has […]

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Chinese Clothing Imports on the Rise In Iraq

By Adnan Abu Zeed for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Abu Ahmad blows puffs of smoke from his cigarette into the air while standing in front of a pile of used clothes he has spread out on the ground in Bab […]

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