$18 Million Electricity Projects in Basra – Official

U.S. reconstruction team has started implementing electricity projects in Basra with a total cost of $18.8 million to save energy and reduce the power cut, a general manager of Basra electricity said on Friday.

“The projects include extending 14 cables with11kV power at a cost of $5.4 million to save power through the national net,” Sabah Abdulwahed told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting that seven cables have been so far finalized in al-Jubiela, al-Jomhouriya, al-Janieniya, al-Maaqal, Fao, al-Sharieh and al-Arab regions.

“The main cable is being extended with a capacity of 132kV from Bab al-Zubair until the Basra electricity stations with a total cost of $8 million,” he added, noting that the project will complete next month.

“There are three projects to fix the electricity system in the southern province,” he continued, pointing out that the project costs $1.2 million.

Basra is 590 km south of Baghdad.

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