Iraq’s Oil Revenues Up by $300m in Dec. 2009

Iraq’s oil revenues went up by $300 million during the last month of 2009 to hit $4.499 billion through the sale of 61.3 million barrels at a rate of $73.39 per barrel, the Iraqi oil ministry announced on Saturday.

“Crude oil exports rose in December 2009 compared to November 2009 during which 57 million barrels were sold at $4.205 billion,” the ministry’s official spokesman Assem Jihad told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“Basra’s oil contributed to the country’s total exports by 47.6 million barrels worth $3.506 billion while Kirkuk’s by 13.7 million barrels worth $993 million,” Jihad added.

The price of oil per barrel went up during December to reach $73.39 compared to November’s $71.94 per barrel, he added.

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