Kuwait’s action toward Iraq Airlines has negative effect on bilateral relations

Transport Minister, Amer Abdul Jabar, expressed regret over Kuwaiti authorities’ pressure on Iraq over the Iraqi Airways debts.

Abdul Jabar told NINA on Friday, April 30, “We regret Kuwait’s authorities exerting pressure on Iraqi Airways through use of international law to achieve aims far from realities over Iraq’s debt to Kuwait Airways.”

He added, “Such unclear behavior has negative effect on the relations between Iraq and Kuwait.”

The Minister pointed out that Iraq has paid over 80% of its debt to Kuwait resulted for its invasion to it.

He said that the Council of Arab Transport Ministers meeting, concluded on Thursday, has adopted Iraq’s position stressing that not to resort to foreign sides to solve any issue between two Arab countries praising Iraq’s openness toward Arab and regional countries. / End.

He pointed out that the air line detained by British authorities have detained in London airport belongs to a Swedish firm, yet British authorities are detaining Iraqi Airways’ representative.

Abdul Jabar called on Kuwait to solve the issue through diplomatic means in the interest of both neighboring countries.

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