ISX Trading Hits ID584m at Weekend’s Session

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) trading activities this week hit more than 584 million Iraqi dinars (roughly $499,000) as rates of shares of 13 companies went down and 12 up out of a total 41 firms that traded in today’s session.

Some 292 million shares exchanged hands at 584.548 million dinars through 236 deals, with non-Iraqi investors grabbing 33 purchase deals worth 58 million dinars over the banking, industrial, service and hotel sectors and a single sale deal worth 837,009 dinars over the industrial sector.

The industrial sector took the lead with 35% of the overall trading activities through 134 deals worth 204 million dinars over 13 firms, followed by the banking sector with 31% through 61 deals worth 184 million over 13 firms, the hotel sector 30% through 18 deals worth 180 million dinars over six hotel firms and a shy trading over the service, insurance and agricultural sectors.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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