Mines Advisory Group’s Iraq Report, August 2010

16 MATs deploying from the programme's 3 operations bases in Sulimaniyah, Chamchamal and Dohuk continued clearance operations in 11 clearance tasks that, when completed, will support agricultural and socio-economic development and conflict recovery. MATs were deployed to 5 prioritized clearance sites in Ninewa (Mosul), Sulimaniyah and Kirkuk. Clearance sites were prioritized through the community assessment survey conducted by MAG Community Liaison (CL) teams. MATs

identified 3 new areas of contaminated land through demarcation in Khanaqin sub-district of Diyala, Qaradakh sub-district of Sulimaniyah and Qarahanjir sub-district of Kirkuk.

11 Community Liaison (CL) teams continued to deploy on daily basis to deliver MRE and SALW RE, and conduct training of trainers for community leaders and teachers, primary school follow up visits, leaflet distribution, and identifying and reporting unguarded stockpiles of CW. Teams visited 243 different villages in Kirkuk, Sulimaniyah, Diyala, Dohuk and Ninewa (Mosul) governorates. CL teams

continued to liaise with land owners and local authorities to secure their approval for clearance activities.

CL staff in Sulimaniyah conducted capacity building training sessions in MRE delivery to 37 Religious leaders in Sulimaniyah and Diyala governorate. CL staff in Dohuk conducted primary school follow up visits to the teachers trained in June and July 2010. The follow up visits helps identifying further training needs. MRE materials were distributed during the follow up visits.

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