Mines Advisory Group’s Iraq Report, August 2010

Local partner NGOs (Al Ghad) and (Work for Peace) CL staff conducted primary school follow ups to identify further training needs for the teachers trained in June and July 2010 during the Ministry of Education (MoE) annual teachers training. MRE materials including posters, leaflets and booklets were distributed during the follow up visits.

MAG’s Conventional Weapons Destruction (CWD) teams deployed to 84 different villages completing 235 emergency tasks to safely remove and destroy 10,410 CW. Highlights included the removal and safe destruction of 3,112 hazardous items in Sharbazher area of Sulimaniyah and the safe removal and destruction of 10 CW stockpiles of 3,260 hazardous items in Chamchamal area of Sulimaniyah.

Items were posing significant threat to the local communities and picnickers visiting the area.

MAG’s 2 mechanical teams and 2 manual support teams worked in 5 prioritized minefields in Sulimaniyah and Kirkuk governorates to support MATs in achieving operational efficiency. This month, mechanical and support teams deployed 9 different mechanical assets and attachments.

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