‘New Iraq’ Cause for Concern as Investors Toggle Between Security or Growth

By Anthony J Permal, Online Communications Manager, IQPC

Lafarge, the world’s biggest cement contractor, maintains a presence in Iraq because of its booming housing development market, yet other companies shy away from taking a piece of the multi-billion dollar construction pie. Sigma Paints, the coatings leader, sponsors investment meetings in order to partner with attending government officials, while its competitors quietly sit along the sidelines.

Lafarge and Sigma are a few of the companies who have decided that today’s risk justifies tomorrow’s reward. The risk being the uncertain security terrain of the region, the reward of course establishing primacy in the regions next ‘big’ market.

But what then really is at stake for those corporations who decide to ‘seize the day’ and will those who wait until the dust settles really lose out in the end?

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