Over $100m New Arms Sales to Iraq

The United States Department of Defense has issued notification of proposed sales of arms from the US to Iraq.

General Dynamics is to be the prime contractor on a $36m deal for the supply of ammunition for Iraq's Abrams M1A1 tanks (pictured).

The sale consists of:

  • 14,010 TP-T M831A1 120mm Cartridges;
  • 16,110 TPCSDS-T M865 120mm Cartridges; and
  • 3,510 HEAT-MP-T M830A1 120mm Cartridges.

Raytheon is proposed as the prime contractor for a $68m package of "Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Systems".

According to the Department, "The proposed sale of the C4ISR system will ensure that the Iraqi Naval Force (INF) is better able to efficiently use its vessels and manpower to police Iraqi territorial waters and protect its strategic maritime assets. The C4ISR system will enable the Iraqi Government to assume more responsibility for its security and rely less on U.S. and coalition forces to establish stability."

(Source: Defense Security Cooperation Agency)

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