Full List of Iraq's New Cabinet

Following on from our listing on Monday of the main cabinet positions, we present a more complete line-up below, compiled from information sourced from Iraq Oil Report and Reuters.

The official website of the Iraq cabinet has not published the official list, and has chosen instead to lead with an article about the importation of eggs. Let us hope that the new government makes it a priority to improve its communications.

Some of the positions have not been filled, awaiting the political blocks (in parenthesis Coalition/Party) to nominate their candidates:

Prime Minister: Nouri al-Maliki (State of Law (SOL)/Daawa) will also be acting ministers of Interior, Defense, and Minister of State for National Security until candidates can be approved.

Deputy Prime Ministers: Saleh al-Mutlaq (Iraqiya/Hewar); Hussain al-Shahristani (SOL/Independent) — with oversight of energy policy — and acting minister of electricity [but Reuters names Ziad Tarek as Minister for Electricity]; Roz Nouri Shawes (Kurdistan Alliance (KA)/Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)), and acting minister of trade.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hoshyar Zebari (KA/KDP) will also be acting minister of womens’ affairs.

Minister of Finance: Rafia al-Issawi (Iraqiya/Mustaqbal)

Minister of Oil: Abdul Karim al-Luaibi (independent but associated with Daawa)

Minister of Higher Education: Ali al-Adeeb [Ali Al Adib] (SOL/Daawa) will also be acting minister of state for national dialogue (reconciliation). [Reuters names Amer Al Khizaii as State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs]

Minister of Housing and Construction: Mohammed Sahib al-Daraji [Reuters names Mohammed Salem Al Laban] (Iraqi National Alliance (INA)/Sadrist)

Minister of Education: Mohammed Tamim (Iraqiya/Hewar)

Minister of Industry and Minerals: Ahmed Nassar Dali al-Karbouli [Ahmad Nader Dali] (Iraqiya/Tajdid)

Minister of Justice: Hassan Shimari [Hassan Al Shumari] (INA/Fadhila)

3 Responses to Full List of Iraq's New Cabinet

  1. JWing 22nd December 2010 at 12:04 #

    Foreign Minister Zebari is from the KDP, not the PUK as listed in your article.

  2. Editor 22nd December 2010 at 14:57 #

    Dear Joel, thanks for your comment.
    He is indeed from the KDP - the article is now corrected.
    Best Regards,

  3. bergesh 27th December 2010 at 23:04 #

    What's happening with the MOI position?