‘Political Pressures’ Behind Delayed Telecom Probe Hearing

The parliamentary hearing of an investigation into five million unlicensed mobile phone lines distributed by Iraqi telecom giant Zain Iraq has been postponed because of “political pressure”, alleged Ihsan al-Awwadi of the parliamentary communications and information commission.

Scheduled to be held on Monday, the hearing to confirm the allegations against Zain has been delayed until next week, according to AKnews.

If found guilty of the distribution of unlicensed lines – seen as a serious security risk in a country still rife with insurgency – Zain will have to pay a $262 million fine.

Mr al-Awwadi told AKnews that "Pressures from some political parties have caused the postponement of the reading of the report about the unlicensed lines."

Zain, along with Korek and Asiacell are the three telecom companies currently licensed to operate in Iraq.

(Source: AKnews)

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