De-mining Operations Re-Start in Sinjar

Nadia’s Initiative is excited to announce de-mining operations in Sinuni, a sub-district in the Yazidi homeland of Sinjar have been restarted. This important effort comes after facing months of hurdles to re-establish operations across Nineveh Province.

We would like to give special thanks to President Macron of France for acting on his commitment to de-mine the region and the United States Weapons and Removal and Abatement Office, with support from the U.S. Vice President’s Office.

The Yazidis suffered an unimaginable attack in August 2014, despite having lived in Sinjar for thousands of years. IS continues to ruthlessly target the region because of its spiritual and cultural significance. Forcing the Yazidis from the area, destroying their villages, religious sites, and community structures is an attempt to erase them from history - an explicit genocidal program.

De-mining the region will help to ensure the survival of the Yazidi community. Nadia’s Initiative believes the world has a responsibility to act – to make “never again” a reality, not simply words without actions. Nadia’s Initiative is working to engage world leaders, encouraging them to recognize the moral imperative to offer assistance to demine the region.

Thus far, France and the US have committed funds to begin the process but we ask on world leaders to join the effort and save the Yazidi community from extinction.

It is possible for Yazidis living in Iraq to return to their homes. It is possible to rebuild infrastructure. Together, we have the capacity and common interest in de-mining the land.

As we proceed with this important work, we ask all nations, especially signatories of the genocide convention, to join us in cooperation and unity. A small contribution from everyone will make the collective burden light.

We need to see reconstruction, not as a competition for resources amongst victims, but a holistic and mutually supportive process that does not leave gaps in our collective security. We are asking the world to adopt a way of thinking that leads us away from the madness of genocide. How we recover and re-build can define us, leaving a powerful example and safer world for our children.

For Additional Information Please Contact:

Abid Shamden [email protected]

Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown [email protected]

(Source: Nadia’s Initiative)

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