IBBC hosts Iraq Business Forum

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is hosting over 250 Iraqi business people to a special trade and business conference in Westminster central hall on November 13th all day.

The business people will be looking for British companies to interact and meet, for imports and exports of a wide range of products and sectors.

British business does have a particularly attractive appeal to Iraqi,s for its high quality reliable products, that tend to be innovative and supported by good servicing contracts. Its worth remembering that Iraq has a large and increasingly wealthy consumer sector with almost 40 million people, many of whom are wealthy and aspirational. Oil revenues are at record levels, the Governments budget is up 45% this year, with Govt salaries up 15% for the 7 million on their books, so the economy is set to grow 8% this year.

Growth and demand is surging across most sectors, and particularly quality consumer goods such as telecoms, textiles and fashion, entertainment ( VR and gaming equipment and software) let alone a big demand for trusted pharmaceutical products ( many that enter Iraq are counterfeit) medical equipment- to service the largely private health sectors with hospitals and doctors. Finally, the business to business area with a vibrant oil, gas and infrastructure sector, is driving strong demand for engineering products, equipment, pumps, solar and power oriented products, along with agricultural equipment and products.

There is no reason that British business cannot prosper and thrive with Iraqi importers, so we expect and exhort people to attend and meet these delegates.

The IBBC is also platforming some of our leading companies in Iraq including HWH Associates, Dar UK, MFL Finance and Turnkey Security with special session with the Governor of Basra and the UK Industry Forum association members.

You are all invited.

Contact [email protected] for further information and tickets.

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