US: Iraq Risks Losing Access to Key Bank Account

By John Lee.

The Trump administration has reportedly threatened to block Iraq’s access to its funds in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York if Iraq expels US troops from the country.

The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed Iraqi officials as saying that the US State Department warning came after the Iraqi parliament voted in favour of a resolution demanding the removal of American forces from Iraq.

Iraq uses the account to deposit its oil sale revenues and pay government salaries and contracts.

According to the most recent financial statement from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), the Federal Reserve held about $3 billion in overnight deposits at the end of 2018.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)

One Response to US: Iraq Risks Losing Access to Key Bank Account

  1. Mr. Iraq 15th January 2020 at 20:27 #

    Good afternoon. PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION TO YOUR CBI Governor of Iraq Counterparts ASAP.

    The US is threatening Iraq that if they decide to order US Troops to Leave Iraq, they will SEIZE your DFI Fund's from the NY Federal Reserve that Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi established these Accounts in 2012, to AVOID ex-PM Maliki from trying to STEAL THE $80b CBI Funds.

    The CBI Governor should fly to the US ASAP to transfer your DFI Funds out of the US into one of your regional CBI Accounts to AVOID THE US from SEIZING your DFI Funds now their bragging in the US Media below, what they will do.

    Even though the NY Federal Reserve IS NOT A US Govt Agency, its an INDEPENDENT ENTITY who the US pays to print the US Dollar but will be subject to International Criminal Court Rulings,if you SUE THEM for not RELEASING Iraq's DFI Funds.

    Again, CBI of Iraq NEED TO BE WISE, go to the US ASAP and take Dr Shabibi if he's still the Signature Authority on file who established the DFI Funds Accts in 2012 and transfer your DFI Funds out of the US ASAP to your Middle East CBI Acct, if you don't, the US WILL SEIZE IT.

    CBI Governor of Iraq can transfer your DFI Funds to Kuwait,Oman,Qatar Bank or new CBI DFI Acct ASAP or US WILL SEIZE THEM.

    But be prepared if the NY Federal Reserve DON'T ALLOW you to transfer your DFI Funds on ORDER'S OF THE US BULLYING GOVT. But you can threatening to SUE the NY Federal Reserve in ICC Court, which you will WIN.

    Its time for the Central Bank of Iraq to STAND ON YOUR OWN W/OUT US ASSISTANCE. God has blessed you with Oil, Natural Gas & Regional Allies to control your own DESTINY. Its time.

    US Threatens to Freeze Iraq's Assets Media Articles: