Advertorials are one of the best ways of publicising your business at low cost. We give you two options:

1. Write your own Advertorial

This option allows you to write your own article, including a logo, picture and link for  £300* . The article will appear in a category of your choice, with additional categories for £100* each. The article remains on the site permanently during the lifetime of the web site. Maximum size 200 words plus pic and logo.

All articles must conform to normal standards of legality, decency and truthfulness and will be cleared by the editor before publication.


  • Compose your article, noting the news categories in which you want it to appear, or select the link to an existing article to be sponsored using no more than 200 words.
  • We put in a headline ‘Advertising Feature’
  • Email it to [email protected].
  • Once it has been approved we email you back with an invoice and details of how to pay.
  • When payment is confirmed by either PayPal or our bank your post goes up on the website – permanently! Articles move down page as new material comes in.

An advertorial looks like this:

2. Sponsor an Existing Article

If you wish to sponsor an existing article the charge is £300 plus link This price applies where the article appears in only one news category (e.g. Oil & Gas); where the article appears in more than one category, we charge an additional £100* per category.

Your link remains with the article permanently during the lifetime of the web site.

*VAT will be charged to UK/ EU advertisers