Mail Blasts

Mail Blasts are probably the most effective way to get an instant response.

Mail blasts go to the entire IBN database and are unique to the advertiser.  The current size of the database is 23,500 subscribers. We limit the number of mail blasts so early booking is advisable.


£1575 (US$ 2678) per mail blast (£0.12, US$0.19) per contact. There are separate arrangements for event organisers. All charges plus VAT for UK/EU customers, payable in advance.

We charge £60 ($102) per hour if any design or technical alterations are required.


We are prepared to negotiate discounts for multiple orders.


Mail blasts do not support animation. We do not accept mail blasts on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

All mail blasts should be submitted as HTML ready to be sent with a maximum file size of 100kb.