2012 Iraq Investment Guide ‘open for business’

Allurentis has commenced planning towards the 2012 edition of ‘The New Iraq – Discovering Business’, which will be published in October this year. This will be the third edition allurentis has produced of the Iraq investment guide.

The publication has become the must have reference to doing business in Iraq and is endorsed by the National Investment Commission of Iraq (NIC) and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). ‘The New Iraq’ is distributed through the NIC, UKTI, government departments, international embassies as well as pertinent Iraq conferences, seminars, trade associations and selected airport lounges and hotels. It is also available to download from a growing number of Iraq related websites.

I have already received a great deal of interest from several international organisations about getting involved in the 2012 edition,” says Laura Curtis, director, allurentis. “Each year the guide gets bigger and better and the circulation continues to grow. I have high hopes for this next issue as Iraq’s investment potential is recognized by an increasing number of companies wanting to be part of the rebuilding of Iraq and the opportunities the country has to offer.

As well as highlighting Iraq’s investment opportunities across all sectors, the annual publication also looks to update the growing international readership on Iraq’s progress, the country’s changing political and social scene and the new investment opportunities available.

It is essential that we get the message out to companies that there are major opportunities for trade & investment in the country,” says Paul Taylor, Head of Middle East, UK Trade & Investment. “'The New Iraq' business guide is exactly the kind of informative and high quality resource that companies need.

allurentis has kindly made the 2011 edition of ‘The New Iraq – Discovering Business’ available to all IBN readers. You can download your copy by clicking on the button below. To get involved in the 2012 edition email [email protected]



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