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Text links are arguably the best way of advertising on the web at low cost. We give you two options :

1. Sponsor an Article

If you wish to sponsor an existing article the charge is £100 for 1 text link and £125 for 2 links  per article. This allows you to link the article to your web site and/or an email address. One Category only. £25 for each extra category. Your link remains with the article permanently. Please contact us for more details.

2. Sponsored Posts

This option allows you to write your own post of upto 200 words and a picture plus one link for £100 or £125 for 2 links ( website and/or email address) in a category of your choice. Extra categories are £25 each . The post remains on the site permanently.

All posts must conform to normal standards of legality, decency and truthfulness and will be cleared by the editor before publication.


  • Compose your post of max 200 words.
  • Email it to editor@iraq-businessnews.com with a note of which Category page you want it to go into .
  • Once it has been approved we email you back with instructions on how to pay and an invoice.
  • The minute payment is confirmed by either PayPal or our bank your post goes up – permanently.


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