Japan Wants to Develop Iraqi Oil Fields

According to a report from Tokyo Times, Japan's Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Yukio Edano (pictured), has told Nuri al-Maliki of Japans’s desire to work on the development of Iraqi oil fields.

It was reported that a Japanese consortium led by Nippon Oil had been optimistic about securing the right to develop the Nasiriyah oil field located in the southern part of Iraq believed to be rich in oil reserves.

A Japanese official said Maliki had assured Edano of his country’s openness adn full support for Japanese investments.

Economic adviser Salam al-Quraishi said, "The Iraqi government invited 14 Japanese companies to implement projects in the field of energy and providing electricity, 7 to implement residential building projects, 5 companies to develop the oil industry and 8 companies specialized in different investment areas."

Officials affirmed cooperation in the energy and economic fields as well as in the development of infrastructure like railways, harbours and roads.

Edano expressed Japan’s readiness to provide technologies and financial resources for Iraq’s reconstruction efforts.

(Source: Tokyo Times)

(Photo credit: DAJF)

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