PAFI Hires US Media Consultants

By John Lee.

Washington DC-based communications and political advisory firm Sanitas International has reported that it has been engaged to work in the United States on behalf of Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI), and its President, Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari.

In a statement made pursuant to the US’s Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Partner Christopher Harvin described PAFI as “an internationally-oriented, non-governmental organization that is dedicated to achieving peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

The statement continues:

“Sanitas International will provide international media relations, government affairs and strategic counsel to Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari and PAFI, engaging key stakeholders in the US and abroad to build consensus around an inclusive approach to peace and stabilitiy in Iraq.

"We will advocate and raise awareness among key government and non-government officials, and the media."

(Source: FARA)

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