IT Material

Supply of IT material to the French Red Cross (FRC) in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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The FRC has also issued the following statement regarding this tender:


Dear tenderer,

We would like to answer to some questions that have been submitted regarding the IT Material tender.

  1. Financial/technical offer to fill in

We sent to your company the “Annex C_Financial offer” and the “Annex D_Supporting services grid”. The Annex C is the document in which you can make your financial and technical offer. In the column “Unit” is marked “1”: it does not mean that we are requesting just 1 item, it means that we want to know the price for 1 (one) quantity of each item.

The French Red Cross, at the end of the tender procedure, want to sign a framework agreement: we don’t know, right now, the exactly quantity that we will need in the future for each item. With the selected supplier and in case of need from our part, we will make orders respecting the clauses stated in the framework agreement.

  1. Registration certificate

The registration certificate we ask is the registration document attesting that the company is registered to the Chamber of Commerce or to the public authority (Ministry of trade or similar). This registration document is independent from and it is not related to the French Red Cross.

The French Red Cross invite you to submit your offer.

Best regards,

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