Bank Profitability in Iraq to Increase

HSBC has said that it is “remarkably bullish on Iraq” and expects bank profitability in the country to increase by 100 times within 10 to 20 years, Bloomberg has reported. “There is more lending activity as the economy gets stronger,” James Hogan, country manager of HSBC Holdings said. HSBC entered the Iraq’s post-war banking sector […]

Mosul Dam Repairs to be Completed by Germans

Atheel Al-Nejaifi, legal eng., Nineveh governor has met German company representatives from "Power", which is under contract to repair the Mosul dam. The company will construct a concrete core in the dam deep beneath the dam’s foundations. Work will start soon once discussions with the water resources ministry are completed. ( Eye media company )

Sterling Energy Update on Sangaw Well in Kurdistan

Sterling, the AIM listed independent oil & gas exploration and production company with interests in Africa and the Middle East has provided the following update on its activities: The Sangaw North #1 exploration well is currently drilling ahead at 1,505 metres. Since the last update on 7 May 2010 two intermediate casing strings have been […]

Welcome to the 'Your Country' Pages

Welcome to this latest initiative from Iraq Business News. The ‘Your Country’ pages carry useful information specific to businesses from participating countries. The first to be launched is the United Kingdom, and we plan to add other countries over the coming weeks and months. If you would like to see your country represented please contact […]