Prime Minister Salih Extends Invitation to Foreign Investors

Prime Minister Barham Salih today in London told more than 500 delegates at a major conference that Kurdistan welcomes foreign business and invited international companies to participate in Kurdistan’s economic progress. Speaking at the Kurdistan Region Trade and Investment conference, the Prime Minister said, “Kurdistan welcomes foreign businesses with open arms. Foreign investment has played […]

U.A.E. to double investment in Kurdistan

The United Arab Emirates will double its current investment in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region to $6 billion by 2013, said Abdullah bin Ahmed al-Saleh, director general in the emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Trade. Kurdistan is a important partner for the U.A.E., which is keen to “develop and upgrade” ties between them, al-Saleh told delegates today […]

Autralians in talks over $700m Off Shore contract

Dubai-based construction firm Al Habtoor Leighton Group is in discussions over a $700 million offshore project in Iraq as it seeks more business outside the difficult UAE market, its CEO said on Tuesday. Al Habtoor, an affiliate of Australia's Leighton Holding, is also eyeing a new infrastructure contract in Saudi Arabia and two in Oman […]

Najaf / Baghdad Discuss Reconstruction

A delegation from Baghdad council has held a meeting with the head and members of the Najaf council to learn about the Najaf experience of reconstruction and investment in the field of  infrastructure , Ahmad Nouri al-Dajieli, director of the Najaf council information department, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The meeting aimed to sign several […]

Oil Prices Fluctuation Will Not Affect Iraq Budget

Iraq Oil Minister Hussein Shahristani said that the daily fluctuation in oil prices is normal adding that the oil market is generally stable. The ups and downs in prices are not expected to affect the Iraq budget which relies on crude oil exports, he said. The current prices are acceptable to Iraq, Shahristani added. ( […]

Iran Discovers 30bn Barrels Oil Field

Iran has discovered 30 billion barrels of oil in place at a southwestern oil field that borders Iraq, the Jomhuri-ye Eslami newspaper reported yesterday. “An Iranian company along with a Chinese company are preparing the ground for exploration of oil in the Arvand-Kenar field that has 30 billion barrels of oil in place,” the daily […]

Iraqi Kurdistan Braces for Oil Exports

The president of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region says that it could resume oil exports as soon as a new federal government is formed in Iraq. Massoud Barzani says his Kurdish Democratic Party is in talks with Baghdad to form a new government that "doesn't exclude any party." He says that oil-rich Kurdistan has resolved most […]