Iraq’s Cabinet Forms a Committee to Resolve Issues on Mobile Phone Companies

Iraq's cabinet has formed a committee represented by number of Ministries to follow up the issued resolutions against Cell Phones firms in Iraq.

A statement issued by the General - Secretariat of Cabinet, Eye Media received a copy, said" Cabinet has decided in its first extraordinary session to form a committee headed by Minister of Communication and membership of Finance Minister's advisor, deputy Secretary- General of Cabinet, representative for Ministry of Justice, representative for Minister without portfolio for national security affairs' office where their class is no less than a Director – General, this committee will undertake the following up of Media & Communication Commission for cabinet's resolutions No. 165 in 2009 and let cell phones firms in Iraq to be incumbent upon paying the overdue installments which are evaluated in $1 bn and 875 adding to that all sums dully paid for the accumulated profits, money fines imposed on the firms in default of improving the status of service, spreading the network and fines followed because of internet access belonged to the Ministry of communication, beside the special fines against firms for prejudiced people.

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