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بلدك العراق

متابعة لنجاحنا في صفحة "بلدك – المملكة المتحدة " نحن سعداء بإعلان خدمات صفحة " بلدك – العراق ". هذه أول صفحة لنا باللغة العربية وسوف تتضمن أخبار من الجهات الحكومية العراقية ، المنظمات غير الحكومية والجمعيات التجارية. نحن نتطلع إلى تقديم معلومات مهمة من القطاع العام العراقي والمنظمات ذات الصلة به . لتفاصيل حول […]

Healthcare: Succeeding in the MENA Market

The Middle East Association, in partnership with Ameera Health, cordially invite you to Business Briefing and Networking Reception examining the Healthcare Sector in the MENA Region at Bury House on Tuesday 5th July. British companies are at the forefront of developments in the healthcare industry in the Middle East and North Africa. The UK medical […]

Trade Delegation and British Pavilion at Erbil International Fair

The MEA, in partnership with UK Trade & Investment, Invest Northern Ireland and the Kurdistan Regional Government, will be leading a Trade Delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan this October to coincide with the seventh Erbil International Trade Fair, Iraq’s largest general trade exhibition. Mission Participants will have the opportunity to exhibit at the Fair’s British Pavilion, […]

Which Sectors are Most Targeted in Iraq?

AKE has analysed all of the attacks reported in Iraq over the past three months. Commercial sectors such as retail and banking were actually targeted in only a small proportion of cases. Findings The overwhelming majority of victims were civilians targeted on an indiscriminate basis. The police were the second most targeted group while the […]

Weekly Security Update for 25th Nov 2010

Overview Last week was one of the quietest reported in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. Many people were observing the festival of ‘Eid ul-Adha and in all likelihood, militants and terrorists were also participating. As mentioned in last week’s update, religious events such as this are generally less inflammatory in Iraq, mainly because they are […]

Weekly Security Update for 18th Nov 2010

Overview Security measures are currently heightened in Iraq for 'Eid ul-Adha, and this will likely remain the case until the weekend. Checkpoint searches will be tighter while many official offices will be closed. Public discussions on the government-formation process will also be interrupted until 21 November. Despite the increased security measures, however, militants will still […]

Weekly Security Update for 4th November 2010

National Overview The national total number of officially reported hostile incidents remained at 119. There was no change to the modus operandi of assassinations in Baghdad during the reporting period; however the seniority of the targets increased and included senior figures in key government ministries. Attacks against the United States Forces - Iraq were minimal; […]