$3bn Iraq/US F-16 Deal at Risk?

The Iraqi government announced on Monday that it no longer has the authority to contract for the major F-16 aircraft deal that we reported on just two weeks ago, according to Alsumaria News.

While stressing the need for Iraq to have a strong air force to protect its sovereignty, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told Alsumaria News: “The Iraqi government can not be contracted at the moment to buy the F-16 aircraft for the Iraqi air force due to the expiration of the powers granted to them ... the deal must be left for the next government.

Dabbagh said that the “transaction value of aircraft amounting to about $3bn is frozen in the moment,” adding that “the processing of the Iraqi Air Force F-16 advanced aircraft will provide the necessary protection of Iraqi airspace.”

The leadership of the Iraqi air force announced its intention to buy about 96 aircraft (F16) by the year 2020.

(Source: Alsumaria)

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