Kurdistan Investment Board Seeks Technical Assistance

Request for expressions of interest: Technical assistance to Kurdistan Investment Board

The Kurdistan Board of Investment of the Kurdistan Regional Government (BoI - KRG) seeks professional assistance to enhance the quality of the board's evaluation process from various perspectives, including the technical review and assessment of the investment proposals submitted to the board.

The main aim of this process is to create a better investment environment, greater coordination between the public and private sector, and more transparency; to minimise red tape; and to revise current procedures and the organisational structure.

Companies or organisations (international consultancy firms, advisory firms, international NGOs and law firms) that are eligible are those with at least five years of documented successful experience gained within the last five years, in providing the services requested by BoI – KRG.

Deadline for Letters of Interest: 7 November 2010
The interested consultancy firms that wish to enter the process will receive a Request for Proposals (RFP) by submitting a Letter of Interest (LOI) before 7 November 2010.

Please contact
Mr Hayder Mustafa
Director General for Studies and Information
Kurdistan Board of lnvestment
Kurdistan Regional Government
Erbil, Kurdistan Region

Telephone: +964 (0)750 445 0447

Email: hayder.sinjawi(at)krg.org ; hsinjawi(at)yahoo.com

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