China Considers Cement Plant in Anbar

A delegation of Chinese companies specializing in cement production visited the Council of Anbar province on Tuesday to discuss investment projects in the region.

The head of Anbar provincial council, Jassim al-Halbousi, told AKnews that the discussions focused on ways of increasing productivity at Anbar’s Qaem cement plant.

“We hope it will be as significant a plant in the Middle East as it was before,” he said.

"Iraq's demand for cement is increasing due to the country's need for raw materials in the process of reconstruction,” Halbousi explained, adding that Anbar with its extensive housing construction projects would benefit greatly from building materials that are produced locally.

The head of the Chinese delegation, Kim Wang, told AKnews that his company had chosen Anbar province after conducting geological studies as the production of cement depends on the presence of certain rocks close to the earth’s surface and a variety of other minerals.

“Qaem was selected because it is a huge plant that can satisfy the needs of the province and other provinces outside Iraq because we will operate all production lines,” Wang said.

(Source: AKnews)

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