Conference Highlights Significance of Kurdistan Oil for West

Potential energy routes and energy security were discussed in a syposium in Brussels, according to a report from AKnews.

The participants highlighted what it calls "the Turkish attempts to monopolize energy supply to the EU", as well as the significance of Kurdish energy for the West.

The event was organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Transatlantic Institute, and was attended by more than 50 diplomats, politicians and international experts.

Speakers included Louis Bono (Counselor for Energy in the United States Mission to the EU); Holger Krahmer (Member of the European Parliament from Alliance of Liberals and Democrats); and, Jason Isaacson (Global Jewish Advocacy), AKnews reported.

The speakers stressed the importance of diversification of energy sources and alternative lines of transmission in order to reduce the energy dependence of Europe and the West.

Bono from the United States Mission to the EU emphasized the important potential of the Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas resources for the West and pointed out that only a sustainable solution of the Kurdish and other ethnic and neighborhood problems in the region can guarantee the security of the energy corridors.

In January, former Austrian Chancellor Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel said Europe should also diversify sources of energy supply by “looking, for instance, in the Federal Kurdish Region (Iraq).”

“Europe needs additional pipelines and alternative energy distribution flows. The Kurdish part of Iraq may become alternative partner of Europe.”

The participants in the Brussels meeting also alluded to "attempts by countries like Turkey to monopolize the energy supply for EU".

Currently, Kurdistan has a capacity of 100,000 bpd and is expected to develop its fields to increase the output to 200,000, according to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Natural Resources, Ashti Hawrami.

RWE, a key shareholder in the Nabucco project which is aimed to bring up to 31 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Europe through Turkey, announced it had signed a cooperation deal with the KRG to develop and design its "domestic and export gas transportation infrastructure... creating a route to market for Kurdistan's major gas reserves."

(Source: AKnews)

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