Iraqi Minister says Dispute over Kuwaiti Port is Resolved

According to a report from Associated Press, Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari (pictured) says that a dispute over a planned Kuwaiti port has been resolved, and that the facility will not disrupt Iraqi shipping in the Persian Gulf.

The minister said that a technical review showed that the Mubarak port on Boubiyan Island "won't affect our navigation," as had been feared.

In an interview late on Sunday, Zebari said the review "removed the fears of the Mubarak port."

The Construction of the facility off Kuwait's coast raised new tensions between the two nations this summer.

Iraq initially objected to the port and feared the country would be cut off from the lucrative Gulf shipping trade just as it regains its economic footing.

(Source: Associated Press)

One Response to Iraqi Minister says Dispute over Kuwaiti Port is Resolved

  1. Firas 9th September 2011 at 17:32 #

    This is not true, the Mubarik Port will sit at the neck of the Iraqi water way..a single tanker that dock in Mubark port will block the water way.. ignorant politicians..Solve this with the British , build Fao port, & let's have another waterway..that serve Europe/Far east through Iraq