Oil Law "Will be Passed Without Iraqiya if Needed"

AKnews reports that the debate on draft hydrocarbon legislation has been postponed by the Oil and Gas Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives because of the continued absence of Iraqiya List members.

The law needs the approval of all parties to be passed. On 3rd January the committee revealed that an initial agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government had been reached on a new formula to approve the law.

Baghdad and Erbil ended three negotiation sessions in Baghdad at the end of October with outstanding issues.

Committee member Susan al-Saad told AKnews that Iraqiya cannot be marginalized and "we hope to participate in the coming meetings to complete this draft law and submit it to the Council of Representatives to vote on."

"There are calls for urgent legislation since this issue is causing crises between the Oil Ministry and local governments. If Iraqiya insists on not attending then we will have to decide without its presence," she added.

The tension increased recently between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil after the KRG rejected a draft Oil and Gas Law approved by the federal government in August. The Region believed the draft gave too much power to Baghdad in terms of managing oil contracts and income, and would be at the expense of the Region.

 (Source: AKnews)

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