Iraq to Stop Importing Electricity Next Year

AKnews reports that Iraq will stop importing electricity from neighboring countries by the summer of 2013.

Instead of depending on foreign countries for electricity, new capacity will be introduced over the next two years to the national grid, and energy production will reach 20,000 MW.

Ministry spokesman Musab al-Mudarres told AKnews the ministry currently has 20 projects to build new electricity power plants, and estimated that this has been 60-80 percent completed.

"The total electric power in Iraq will reach 9,000 MW next summer and new units to generate electricity will be added every three months to the national system", he added.

Mudarres did not rule out exporting electricity to neighboring countries in the coming years.

The Iraqi Electricity Ministry signed a contract with the Turkish company Çalık Enerji last January to build the 1,250 MW Khairat power station.

(Source: AKnews)

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