Iraq Has Cash Reserves to Fight Dinar Depreciation

The finance committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives warned on Wednesday about the deterioration of the Iraqi economy due to the low exchange rate of the dinar to the US dollar, assuring that proposals are underway to get the country back on its feet, reports AKnews.

According to AKnews, the Iraqi dinar hit its lowest exchange rate in three years against the US dollar, at a selling rate of 1290 dinars per dollar on Tuesday. On the othe hand, some online sources still show it trading in the range 1160 to 1165.

Committee member Shawrash Mustafa said the committee began to study the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and put in place several proposals to halt the crisis. He did not say what these proposals were, but that they will be delivered to the Ministry of Finance and Iraqi Central Bank (ICB).

The ICB has issued strict regulations on its sale of dollars, due to restrictions on trade with both Iran and Syria.

Azzaman reports that the dinar’s depreciation has prompted the Central Bank to intervene by increasing supply of dollars and withdrawing dinars from the market. The operation is supported by estimated foreign currency reserves of $62 billion, which Central Bank Deputy Governor Mudher Saleh said is sufficient to cover 120% of the value of local currency in circulation at current exchange rate.

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  1. noh muraee 25th April 2012 at 04:42 #

    Glad to know that Iraqi Dinar will be floated to all over the world.