Parliament and Finance Cmte Support "Revalue" (sic) of Iraqi Dinar

A member of the Finance Committee, Najeeba Najeeb, told AKnews that “there is a trend in the attitude of the legislative authority to support the CBI to restructure the Iraqi currency and remove three zeros by early next year”.

“This subject is starting to become more significant for the Finance Committee members and the Economic Committee day after day ... though the preparations by the CBI to implement the process are ongoing, they are not complete yet”

According to Najeeba, the process of removing the zeros from the Iraqi Dinar will be implemented over a period of two years through governmental banks. Also, the new currency will include small bills and coins as well as large bills equaling about $180 each.

(Source: AKnews)

51 Responses to Parliament and Finance Cmte Support "Revalue" (sic) of Iraqi Dinar

  1. Barry 23rd January 2013 at 23:47 #

    Michael valdez - "i just left iraq and its true they have sucked most of the 000 off the street"

    Complete and utter garbage. Iraq haven't taken any money out of circulation (what do they go around stealing 99.9% of everyone wages & savings like a Communist dictatorship?)

    Iraq’s Money supply by Year:-

    1990′s- Approx 25bn banknotes & approx 50bn Money supply.
    2004 – (7.1tn banknotes) / (12.2tn total money supply)
    2005 – (9.1tn banknotes) / (14.5tn total money supply)
    2006 – (11.0tn banknotes) / (21.1tn total money supply)
    2007 – (14.2tn banknotes) / (27.0tn total money supply)
    2008 – (18.5tn banknotes) / (36.9tn total money supply)
    2009 – (21.8tn banknotes) / (46.4tn total money supply)
    2010 – (24.3tn banknotes) / (60.4tn total money supply)
    2011 – (26.3tn banknotes) / (65.1tn total money supply)
    2012 – (29.8tn banknotes) / (72.0tn total money supply)

    Iraqi Dinar Money Supply Jan 2013 = 79.8bn

    There are actually more Dinar's in circulation now than there have ever been as can be openly and plainly seen on the CBI's own website. "Iraq has taken all the money out" is a year's old long-debunked pumper delusion that looks sillier as Iraq's money supply continues to grow as each year goes by...