Petrel Resources Interim Results

By John Lee.

Petrel Resources, the AIM-listed, Irish hydrocarbon exploration company with activities in Iraq, Ghana and Offshore Ireland, today announced its interim results for the six months ending 30 June 2012:

Operational Highlights:

  • New management team appointed in Iraq. They have clarified Petrel's relationship with the authorities and are pursuing existing and new opportunities.
  • The Ghanaian authorities have been provided with evidence of Petrel's financial and technical ability to conduct the required work programme on Tano 2A Block.
  • Exploration in Ghana, elsewhere in Africa and in South America, has confirmed the value of the Tano Basin acreage.
  • New exploration data support Petrel's view that the extensive oil shows and seeps on the Tano shoreline are sourced from the prolific Cenomanian-Turonian source sequences of the deeper Tano Basin.
  • Petrel is progressing it's Irish Offshore Option Blocks in the northern and eastern sections of Porcupine Basin. Several new targets have been identified.

Chairman, John Teeling said:

"Petrel is well financed for all current needs with over US$4m cash. The board is committed to our activities in Iraq and Ghana offers significant upside to the company. The Irish offshore, where Petrel began in the early 1980's has once again become an attractive target. We have a strong expert team, we have good ground and we hope to interest multinational parties to explore with us. The mix of projects, all high risk, offers significant potential."


Petrel has had a presence in Iraq since 1999. In 2002 an agreement was reached with the Oil Ministry in Baghdad on an exploration contract over 10,000 sq km in the Western Desert. In 2005 Petrel was awarded a contract to develop the surface facilities for a large oilfield development in the Subba and Luhais area. We were asked to take a local Kurdish partner, Makman, in a joint venture.

After protracted discussions Petrel exited the contract leaving Makman the sole operator.

Between 2009 and 2011 Petrel applied to be considered for new oil field licences being offered. We expected to qualify and did not. Following a review of our position in Iraq we appointed a new management team with the brief to clarify our standing in the country, in order to highlight our interest in the exploration ground and to seek out new opportunities.

Though working only for a short time the team has made significant progress. The first objective was to clarify the position of Petrel with the national authorities in relation to existing and historic projects in which Petrel has or had an interest. This is done.

The second objective is to work with national and regional authorities in Iraq to identify projects in which Petrel can be involved. This work is ongoing.

(Source: Petrel Resources)

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