Iran to Export Gas to Iraq by mid-2013

By John Lee.

Iran will provide Iraq with natural gas by the summer of 2013, according to Iranian news agency Fars.

Javad Oji, the head of the National Iranian Gas Company, said Iran has completed more than 25 percent of a 48-inch pipeline that could carry up to 25 million cubic meters per day of natural gas to Iraq.

Iranian contractors will first link two major power stations in Baghdad to their network, which will pass through Diyala on its way to Baghdad.

Iranian contractors would also help to build the Iraqi section of the 220-kilometer line.

Gas from Iran's offshore South Pars gas field (pictured) would help to feed the pipeline, which has an estimated cost of $450 million.

(Sources: MENA, Azzaman)

(Photo credit: Alireza824)

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