Press Statements Following Maliki-Putin Talks

It has already been stated here that I visited Russia in 2009 at the President’s invitation. At the time, our country was just emerging from a period of religious and civil war, and we were entering a phase of reconstructing our national economy, normalising live in Iraq. At the time, we were already seriously considering prospects for developing cooperation with your country.

Today, we are pleased to remark on the significant progress that has been made in various areas – first and foremost, in areas of great importance to both sides such as oil, gas, investment cooperation, construction, transport, political processes, and bringing Iraqi positions closer to those of other countries in the region.

During our talks, we had an in-depth discussion of the main areas for potential interaction and cooperation with the Russian Federation and agreed to develop our own sort of “road map” for progressing in all these areas, with priority attention given to such sectors as oil, gas, investments, electric energy, transport, construction, trade, security, military and technical cooperation, the exchange of opinions at a political level and so on.

Based on these common approaches and attitudes geared toward promoting our relations, we also share your point of view that today’s bilateral trade is absolutely unacceptable. We must do everything possible from both sides to restore the high figures that we had achieved in the past.

We also found common ground on some very sensitive and important issues that affect the fate of the region and the entire world, and came to the conclusion that our positions truly are very similar and even concurrent when it comes to the need to ensure reliable security and stability in this region. Besides, we reached common conclusion that it is imperative to do everything possible to promote the free, democratic development of the peoples in this region, using peaceful means and doing everything in our power to not allow provocation, to avoid external meddling in the region’s affairs, and to prevent various scenarios involving military solutions.

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