Iraq Amnesty Could Set Killers Loose

By Laith Hammoudi.

This article was originally published by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting,, and it is reproduced by Iraq Business News with permission. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

Iraq’s parliament has postponed discussions on a controversial amnesty law that could see thousands of convicted and suspected killers released from jail.

Opponents of the bill say it would trample on the rights of victims and their families in order to achieve a political objective whose success is uncertain.

A parliamentary debate on the amnesty law was delayed several times in -October, because the various political factions disagreed on its term. By October 15, it was clear the expected vote was not going to happen, and the matter was postponed until further notice.

One of the bill’s backers, parliamentarian Khalid al-Jaiyashi of the Shia-dominated National Iraqi Alliance, says it is designed to “give a second chance to those who were forced into criminality”.

It remains unclear exactly which categories of convicts will be included in the final draft.

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