Iraq Ratifies Nuclear Protocol

By John Lee.

The Iraqi Ambassador to Austria, Surood Rashid Najib, has met the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, and notified him that the Iraqi authorities have ratified the additional protocol to their comprehensive safeguards agreement and it has therefore entered into force.

The news of the Additional Protocol's ratification and entry into force was transmitted via an official letter from the Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari to the Director General.

With Iraq's ratification, the number of States with an Additional Protocol in force has now reached 119.

Director General Amano said:

"The ratification of the Additional Protocol is clearly a significant step for Iraq in demonstrating its resolve in meeting its non-proliferation commitments under relevant treaties, agreements and resolutions. It is very welcome and can serve as a laudable example for the region and the world."

(Sources: IAEA, Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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