Romanian Foreign Minister opens Consular Office in Erbil

Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlăţean concluded an official visit to the Kurdistan Region yesterday in which he met with KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and officially opened the Consular Office of the Romanian Embassy in Erbil.

The Foreign Minister expressed admiration for the political and economic developments in the Kurdistan Region and said that the government of Romania is committed to strengthen ties with the Kurdistan Region on the basis of mutual benefit.

Emphasizing his support for the project over the past year at the ceremony for Romania’s new diplomatic office, Minister Corlăţean said, “I am very satisfied about the fact that today we launched the Romanian consulate In Erbil. This is part of a broader effort from Romania to enlarge the level of the consulate and the support for the consular services but also for the business presence of Romanian companies in Iraq and also in the Kurdistan Region.”

“On the other side, we are interested to offer good quality consular assistance to the citizens who want to visit Romania and for companies that may want to invest in Romania,” he added.

Also participating in the ceremony, the Chief of Staff for the Kurdistan Region Presidency, Dr Fuad Hussein, thanked the Romanian Foreign Minister for his efforts in support of opening the Consular Office in Erbil, saying: “The opening of this office is a stepping stone to enhance cultural, educational, political, and economic relations between Romania and the Kurdistan Region.”

“We encourage Romanian companies to contribute to the economic developments in the Kurdistan Region, and the Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to make all the necessary arrangements to assist in that purpose,” he added.

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