Al-Maliki Lays Foundation Stone for New Hospital

By John Lee.

Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki has laid the foundation stone for a new hospital in Husseiniya, in the Al Rashidiya area of north Baghdad.

The Prime Minister said in his speech: with every step we make in the process of rebuilding Iraq, we are filled with joy and happiness, because we move forward after decades of suffering under the unwise policies of the former regime.

The health sector suffered a lot under Saddam’s regime, and it is not acceptable at all that there are some attempts to impede the government efforts to develop this sector under any political circumstances. It might be possible to disagree politically, but it is not possible or acceptable to disagree at the expense of the interests of citizens.

Iraq needs reforms and development efforts in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, industry, education, housing, etc., and even the ration card system is in need of reform, the Council of Ministers took a step in this context, when they issued a decision to provide all the materials of the ration card in the market and give each Iraqi citizen 15000 IQD. We are involved in reform efforts in all sectors, especially in the area of healthcare and building hospitals, and the establishment of health centers and specialized hospitals.

(Source: Prime Minister's Office)

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