President Barzani Welcomes French Business Delegation

The Kurdistan Region President and Prime Minister last week met with France’s Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Gauer Denys, and a French business delegation representing major French companies and business associations.

In his meeting with the delegation, President Masoud Barzani said that the Kurdistan Region is eager to enhance economic relations with French companies and thanked the French government for its role in encouraging companies to invest in Kurdistan.

Speaking on behalf of the mission, Mr Courtaigne said that several major French companies have already established their presence in Kurdistan and more are planning to come, citing good security, a conducive business environment, and close cooperation by the Kurdistan Regional Government as the main reasons for their interest.

In their meeting with Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, Ambassador Denys said that the French companies came to Kurdistan to evaluate what is needed and to find out how to participate successfully in rebuilding and investing here. He added that the French people want to play an important role in building and developing the Kurdistan Region.

Representatives of 23 companies participated in the visit, including the Chairman of the France-Iraq Business Council Mr Yves-Louis Darricarrere, the CEO of the French Union of Employers (MEDEF) Mr Thierry Courtaigne, and representatives of Total, Lafarge, EADS France, Gaz de France, Bureau Veritas and Bouygues Travaux Publics. MEDEF represents 800,000 companies across every sector in France.

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