Ukrainian Foreign Minister Visits Kurdistan Region

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Gryshchenko Kostyantyn on his first visit to the Kurdistan Region met with President Masoud Barzani, Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, and government ministers in Erbil.

Mr Kostyantyn came to the Kurdistan Region as part of his visit to Iraq and arrived in Erbil from Baghdad. President Barzani and Foreign Minister Kostyantyn discussed ways of establishing closer relations between the Kurdistan Region and Ukraine.

The President said, “This official visit is an important step to establish and broaden economic ties with Ukraine. We encourage Ukrainian companies to further their participation and contribution to the economic developments in the Kurdistan Region.”

Foreign Minister Kostyantyn commended the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on the political and economic achievements made here. “We see a massive wave of construction and rebuilding in the Kurdistan Region. These developments are the result of its safety and stability.” said Foreign Minister Kostyantyn. He added, “ We believe in regional cooperation, and the Kurdistan Region’s stability gives us the opportunity to strengthening our economic relations and further increase the presence of Ukrainian companies.”

In a separate meeting with Prime Minister Barzani, Mr Kostyantyn briefed him on the activities of Ukrainian companies in the Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq. He said that the Government of Ukraine is ready to cooperate with Kurdistan in the agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, oil and gas, and science and technology.

Mr Kostyantyn’s delegation included representatives of 9 Ukrainian companies who came to see the opportunities for themselves.

Prime Minister Barzani said that Kurdistan is in need of foreign expertise in various sectors, and Ukraine can play a positive role in building Kurdistan’s infrastructure and furthering its economic development.

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